Level +

The summer has been ended. I have a lot of fun with my friends & family, with my project, with openSUSE and KDE, thanks for everyone. From October 6.
I’m starting with the second year on my faculty, and I have only one exam left from the first year, yey! This year (mostly summer) was full with tech/science related events. First of all, the Large Hadron Collider, and his shut down after two weeks from the the first start…
I’m very happy to see, that KDE community is growing with every single day, together with openSUSE community. My project is heading forward too, after my summer exams I’m improved it a little bit, implemented some new features, fixed some bugs, etc, etc. If anyone interested in database-browsing with Java style, then visit the projects site: http://yami.googlecode.com/. The new Slipknot album All Hope Is Gone is out, and I’m very satisfied with, that’s the music what I need ;).
Tomorrow I’ll move to my second city Novi Sad, to start my studies. I hope, my second year on the faculty will be great, as this summer was. Thanks for all readers and visitor for following my blog, next time I’ll be back with some tech related. 🙂


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