Laptop extra keys – HOWTO

If you are using laptop your Fn or other extra-function keys are configured automatically. But! If they aren’t, then the configuration can became a nightmare where you – the user – want to find out 10 bit hex BIOS interruption codes with blindfolded eyes. Grrr….

Recommended hardware:
At least 1 laptop with broken function keys.
Recommended Software:
keytouch – It’s available from packman repositories, however if you aren’t rpm friendly, compile it ;). If you have broken Volume +/- key, there is no need for KMix or other plugins in Keytouch. Amixer will do the work for you.

Start keytouch, and go to the Keyboard screen.

If you can find your laptop model then it would be good idea to select that one, otherwise select some laptop model with Fn keys – Easy to find out, just google for the laptop name. HP worked for me, see the screenshot. So at the Keyboard screen hit the Change button. You’ll get a dialog, like this one:

Select one keyboard model and hit OK. After you’ll get back the starting screen. Click to Apply, and test your keyboard.

Configuration in Sax2:

Here I’m selected a generic keyboard, because with some laptop keyboard models – Thinkpads, Toshiba Satellite, etc. you common function keys like NumLock, CapsLock won’t work.
Good luck!


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