Facebook. Blahh.

Facebook is getting to complicated for me. My News Feed is always full. I can’t figure out how to separate party-pictures from important posts and status updates. So… I’ve opened a Twitter account, I’ll post my daily-developer activities here.
Have a nice day!


4 thoughts on “Facebook. Blahh.

  1. Mian Muhammad Arif

    Haha, dats y i hate these social networks.For me, its waste of time NOW. So personally i dont use it that much…

  2. akoskm

    Sometimes I must to use it. I have a lot of friends, classmates far away. This is the only way to keep myself up-to-date with actual informations about them.BUT seeing tons of pictures about parties, random peoples on my “home-page” is more like spamming.

  3. Mian Muhammad Arif

    The concept of the most of the people on these sites are to flirt opposite sex. And its the truth. This is what i examine. Just my personal opinion. They have no concern with other things.

  4. akoskm

    I agree with you. But from another point of view for some peoples this is the only way to stay in touch with friends or family.


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