openSUSE HCL – ideas

In the past few days we have a little conversation about openSUSE HCL and about some new ideas to improve it:

  • search-based HCL – like instead of showing wiki-pages there is a search form with advanced filtering options – what definitely reduces the search time. It would be also practical if you’re searching for a specific hardware or you just want to browse the list of hardwares by the selected manufacturer to see, which devices are supported.
  • input forms for new entries Do you know the wiki-syntax? The most basic formatting options are easy to learn, but it’s still required to know if you want to add a new hardware or configuration to the HCL. My opinion is, that for a newbie user it’s a critical point to finish your contribution. Modifying the data using forms would be simpler then browsing through a long wiki-page to modify a word or two.
  • These are my reasons for building a new HCL. What do you think about it?


    2 thoughts on “openSUSE HCL – ideas

    1. Mian Muhammad Arif

      As i didn't participate in the forum thread yet. You are right about the wiki syntax. I pass my laptop spec to oldcpu in the forum, and he added it to the HCL, because i didn't like the wiki syntax to use, quite difficult to use it.My opinion would be, to have such a system which is easy to use and do the entry system for each hardware spec, which would be of course not like wiki syntaxes. Somehow like a form to use and fill it up.


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