Save the day

I planned a long weekend with my family. Right now there is around -15C out. After I realized that waiting to my train – which was late +100 minutes according to the schedule – without having heat in the waiting hall can be very unpleasant so I canceled my travel…

After arriving to my apartment I powered on our home server and… the power supply burned out! Great! I’ve already wasted 2 hours from my life in the city traffic+train station, lets go waste another 2 days without internet…

Fortunately, I forget to take home my old PII and it was sitting in my wardrobe. I took out it’s power supply – which was to big for my PIII in it’s size and to small in it’s capacity, but I’m sure that my server is totally unique now:

. Our systems are back online and everything worked perfectly so far. Actually I saved my whole weekend. 🙂


One thought on “Save the day

  1. Arif

    That is sad news, and also good at the end.
    Wow, you pluged the PIII supply to PII, gr8. and then put it outside bcoz of the space in the casing. Hahaha… nice one.


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