Qt Jambi Unit Testing progress

Today I finished with my last unit testing implementation in the com.trolltech.qt package. It’s still incomplete, but are some thread specific classes which requires better understanding of the Qt thread mechanism.
However there are a lot of tests left to implement, and the sources what I provided should be enough to get started!
My git feed was kinda dead in November (actually there are no commits from this month at all :)) due to my packaging experiments around Qt Jambi on Ubuntu – without any success :(. Now, If you are trying to get this running on Ubuntu you have to grab the Qt sources , compile it, and then you can build Qt Jambi either with the old-fashioned $QTDIR way or by using the buildpath.configuration file (yes, it’s fixed. It will read those paths right ;)).
Our development repository is merged with the master branch, what means that we are one step closer to the 4.7.x release. 🙂
So, stay tuned!


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