Planned changes landed

You can find the package under libqtjambi and libqtjambi-jni instead of qtjambi.
If you have any older versions of qtjambi (4.7-1, 4.7-2) I recommend the uninstallation of these packages.
Both packages are required if you want to use Qt with your Java applications. libqtjambi contains the Java archive (and it will contain the documentation later) which have to be included for Qt Jambi applications, while libqtjambi-jni installs the Java Native Libraries.
You can install libqtjambi-jni separately – it recommends the libqtjambi package – but libqtjambi depends on libqtjambi-jni.
This restructuring to smaller packages will make further updates smaller and easier to maintain.
You can find the new packages under and the old ones are under
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