Building Qt Jambi from source on Ubuntu 11.04

To build it from sources you have to install the following dependencies:
ant, java (either the sun-java6-jre or the openjdk one), qt development libraries .
If you don’t know what I’m talking about paste the following line to your terminal:

sudo apt-get install default-jdk default-jre ant libqt4-dev libqtwebkit-dev libphonon-dev phonon-backed-gstreamer

Modify in your according to location.
In my case it is:

akoskm@turing:~/qtjambi/akoskm-unittests$ dpkg-query -S
libstdc++6: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/
libstdc++6: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/

after replacing the default path it looks like: = /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu
Build it:
ant all
Happy hacking !

The packages in ppa should arrive soon, stay tunned.


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