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Astrological Google Calendar update

My Astrological Calendar of Celestial Events got and update until late June.


Researchers’ Night 2010, Novi Sad – Serbia

In this year, together with other 32 European countries Serbia represented itself too on the Researchers’ Night at Novi Sad.
It was totally awesome to see those experiments from YouTube, live! in front of you with a bunch of technical innovation.

For example, I was totally impressed with the brain-wave controlled software. Imagine a complete software environment for controlling your Facebook account – writing statuses, “like-ing”, commenting, approving friend requests – without using the “standard” input hardware.

Have you seen this before?

I already tried it! Actually I was totally n00b and the “coolest” thing what I’ve managed to do with this touchdesk was dragging the figures… This technology was implemented – in the form of education software – by the guys from FIT. Basically: put the special eye-glasses (it was assembled by them too) and start to draw something with the touchpad. I drew a circle-like figure, after a few sec it’s loaded everything what was stored in the softwares database and was similar to a circle. You can drop any item from the list of similar figures to the workspace and interact with them like in the video above.

Thank to my university a one hour long video conference established with CERN.

Ruben’s Tube + Guitar, experiments and other sexy thing with liquid nitrogen. Robots in any size, solar-powered, competing, industrial…

Here are some photos from their Facebook group, it’s open:

What to say, it was the biggest party of this year so far.

Astronomy Calendar of Celestial Events – from 2010, August

I’ve just made up a simple Astronomy Calendar containing the celestial events from 2010, August according to
It is a Google Calendar so you can simply add it by ID:
in your Google Calendar on the left side, bottom hit Add > Add a friend’s calendar, paste the ID here.
You can view it as HTML here:
I’ll keep this calendar up-to-date so if you want to embed it just drop me an email.

YAMI stalled


Just came back from Croatia/Njivice, it was fun and I’ll post some pictures here as soon as I can!

This is my first project in Java, started just for fun and to learn some advanced gui/jdbc programming.
By default it’s a browser for MySQL databases, but I implemented a mysql-console-like interface for cmd lovers (You can see some screenshots on the site, or download it, checkout on svn, etc…).
I planned to improve it by allowing the users to create/modify the existing databases/tables.
Because I’m the only developer of this project (of course you can join at any time! ) it takes a lot of time to implement such things.
Does it worth to continue with my plans and to improve this project?
What do you think?


Everything went OK, except:

– in the partition manager I’ve accidentally messed the mount point for my old /home and /data drives -.-”

– like an experienced Linux hacker I’ve downloaded the nvidia driver binaries a gcc, make, kernel-source / header and started to cook up a new driver, the result was: a totally empty grub loader. After a few kernel panics I’ve started the system manually from grub’s command line thanks to this guide: Conclusion: wiki 1st.

There were no problems with openSUSE at all.

*PEBKAC (“Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair”)



I didn’t paid attention to this blog in the last 2 months, due to my exams and other duties around the university. My 6th semester is started today, so… what now?

After using Ubuntu 9.10 for more then 3 moths I’ve decided to install openSUSE 11.2 – I don’t want to blame Ubuntu, it’s great distribution, it’s hyper-fast in booting and on the desktop too – the main reason is that I’ve always wanted to participate in KDE development. But not just on the forums and on the bug-tracker like I did before, it would be also cool to write patches for those great applications. I definitely want to go back to the opensuse forums where I learned a lot of things in the past 3 years.

So, I need to reboot now! 🙂