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Java 4 ever !

I’m a terrible blogger. 😦
Anyway, this “Trailer” is worth sharing:



Microsoft Songsmith

The pretty new Microsoft Songsmith and this advertisement really made my day.
OMG the guys in Redmond are really lacking of focus….

Sum of this video:

You can’t sing and we can’t program, we’re a match!

Forget to mention – the laptop on the first screen with the sexy sticker is an APPLE MACBOOK PRO! LOL Microsoft…

Microsoft Sinegija 2008 – Novi Sad

I haven’t blogged since September. There is a lot of things what I have to say (write).
So, at last week I was on the Microsoft Sinergija 2008 in Novi Sad. Motto of this year was: “Where IT all comes together.” 🙂 The program was very interesting, and it contained presentations boot for users, and programmers. Performers on the last day:
Cluster team from Kragujevac – Serbia. They was last year in Egypt on the final competition of Imagine Cup. Their application (FEAT) is based on social platform (Facebook). With this application you can report ecological event in your environment. They made also a markup language, EcoML and a Facebook addon for reporting these events. You can see more pictures in my Picasa gallery about their presentation.

From Microsoft Sinergija 2008

SMOR team from Serbia. They win the Serbian final on Imagine Cup twice in a row. With their applications LightsON and DriveON. DriveON is a car/traffic simulator program.. Driving experience is close to the realty. They made it with 6 projectors, some DirectX, C# and other stuff. It was very impressive.

Project Gemini. Also from Serbia. Project Gemini is an addon for Microsoft Excel. The core of this application is the SharePoint. It is a big server with 1/2TB memory, with a hundreds of processors for servicing users. Once if the user is connected to this SharePoint he can download a huge sized databases within a 4-5 seconds. They are using very extreme and fast compression. I never saw this before. On a laptop they are retrieved one table from some database with rows within these 4-5 seconds. Yeah, It sounds impossible. 🙂
After these great presentations we have some dinner down in the Hall, …and I’ve got a Microsoft badge yey! 🙂

Blue Screen of Death in Beijing – poor micro$oft

Beijing has decided to us “some stable” environment for the Olympics Games.
Yeah, of course, the winner is : micro$oft. As they said:

“Reports from China suggest that Microsoft’s Silverlight is delivering exceptional streaming video for NBC’s Olympic coverage. “

“The Olympics decided to use XP instead of Vista because it’s more stable.”

“Unfortunately, Microsoft also had the shame of the Blue Screen of Death afflict the opening ceremonies, with the BSoD up on the big screen for more than two hours during the ceremony.”

Here is the link for the international tragedy. ROTFL.