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Everything went OK, except:

– in the partition manager I’ve accidentally messed the mount point for my old /home and /data drives -.-”

– like an experienced Linux hacker I’ve downloaded the nvidia driver binaries a gcc, make, kernel-source / header and started to cook up a new driver, the result was: a totally empty grub loader. After a few kernel panics I’ve started the system manually from grub’s command line thanks to this guide: http://en.opensuse.org/SDB:The_Boot_Manager_Grub. Conclusion: wiki 1st.

There were no problems with openSUSE at all.

*PEBKAC (“Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair”)




I didn’t paid attention to this blog in the last 2 months, due to my exams and other duties around the university. My 6th semester is started today, so… what now?

After using Ubuntu 9.10 for more then 3 moths I’ve decided to install openSUSE 11.2 – I don’t want to blame Ubuntu, it’s great distribution, it’s hyper-fast in booting and on the desktop too – the main reason is that I’ve always wanted to participate in KDE development. But not just on the forums and on the bug-tracker like I did before, it would be also cool to write patches for those great applications. I definitely want to go back to the opensuse forums where I learned a lot of things in the past 3 years.

So, I need to reboot now! 🙂

Save the day

I planned a long weekend with my family. Right now there is around -15C out. After I realized that waiting to my train – which was late +100 minutes according to the schedule – without having heat in the waiting hall can be very unpleasant so I canceled my travel…

After arriving to my apartment I powered on our home server and… the power supply burned out! Great! I’ve already wasted 2 hours from my life in the city traffic+train station, lets go waste another 2 days without internet…

Fortunately, I forget to take home my old PII and it was sitting in my wardrobe. I took out it’s power supply – which was to big for my PIII in it’s size and to small in it’s capacity, but I’m sure that my server is totally unique now:

. Our systems are back online and everything worked perfectly so far. Actually I saved my whole weekend. 🙂

Welcome (back) …

Welcome on my new blog!
I always wanted to try out wordpress, this control panel is far away advanced from blogger’s dashborad… and it looks more professional – generally.

In the past few days I’ve continued one (and only 🙂 ) of my projects yami.
First of all, working on an unique project and implementing own ideas is cool. Secondly, I still have a lot of goals to accomplish, and lot of great ideas waiting for implementation – If you want to join just drop me an e-mail, or comment.

Another field of my interest are the open-source applications, operating systems. I’ll post some practical examples and tutorials, I hope somebody will find it useful.

If you are interested in programming, math, science: |2ead, comment, subscribe! 🙂

Oracle to Buy Sun

Oracle and Sun are partners for more than 20 years. The Oracle Databases are performing better on SPARC platforms then on any other. Now they are owning all stages of server business, what begins with hardware development (SPARC) and ends with software development (Solaris, ORACLE). But what does it really means? The end of MySQL, no more free SDKs, Open Solaris?
I hope that Oracle will know how to use the power of the open-source software.
…and at least, if it’s all about the money (yes, it is) Oracle knows that for the first place in the software/hardware business he needs better and cheaper solutions than the others…

Official Press

Facebook. Blahh.

Facebook is getting to complicated for me. My News Feed is always full. I can’t figure out how to separate party-pictures from important posts and status updates. So… I’ve opened a Twitter account, I’ll post my daily-developer activities here.
Have a nice day!